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Don’t just get in a workout; strive for sustainable health and fitness throughout your lifespan. The purpose of the Wolf Fit Program is to prepare you for any sort of physical challenge life may throw at you. The Wolf Fit coaches will personalize the workouts to you, in a group setting that encourages success and positivity. Less focus on how you look in a swimsuit, more focus on how you feel!


  • Functional, personal training in a group setting
  • No more than 15 to a class
  • Constantly varied, with all types of movements
  • Olympic weights, pull-up rigs, medicine balls, slam balls, kettle bells, row machine, climbing ropes, battle ropes, jump ropes, gymnastic rings, plyo-boxes, abmats, and bands.
  • Everyone! Any age, gender, fitness level included and personalized to YOUR needs
  • Everything done in Wolf Fit is 100% scaled to any level
  • The functional training combines all and every fitness aspect into one workout, lasting less than an hour
  • Strength, cardio, flexibility all in one workout
  • High intensity, but on your own level
  • Coordination, speed, agility, and power movements will be utilized and practiced with correct technique being taught throughout each and every workout
  • Examples include pull-ups, running, hang cleans, kettle bell work, jump ropes, burpees, rowing, thrusters, ring dips, rope climbs, box jumps, back squats, front squats, deadlifts, and tons more!
  • 5:15 am, 8am, and 6:00 pm on Mon, Tue, Wed, and Fri
  • 8am on Saturday (bring a friend for free)
  • No, we offer classes at multiple times to work with busy schedules.
  • Join us 5 days a week, 3 days a week, or once a week. Whatever you choose!
  • No, you are welcome to use the equipment at our scheduled open gym times, and when classes are not in session
  • Extremely affordable!
  • Full access to all gym facilities including Wolf Fit:
    • Family (unlimited family members) $119/month
    • Single $70/month
  • 801-745-3737 ext. 4
  • club@wolfcreekresort.com